How to deal with sprained ankle joints?

Participating in outdoor sports, sprained ankles are frequent accidents. The main reason is that the body loses its center of gravity, and when the soles move or deform when they fall, they appear.

1.check after injury.

First, determine the extent of fracture or dislocation and ligament injury in order to decide whether to withdraw from limp. Once the injury is serious, decide on the next treatment plan.If there is no medical department around, you can also conduct your own inspection. Touch the position of the pain and tender points with your hand to see the degree of swelling and whether the joint is deformed. Invert the ankle joint and check the degree of lateral ligament injury (when the foot is everted, see if the lateral motion range of the ankle is enlarged or loose).The ankle joint is everted to check the degree of medial ligament injury. Hold the upper end of the ankle with your hand and push it backwards while holding the heel with the other hand and pull forward to check if the range of motion becomes larger (compared to the uninjured side). If it is only a mild sprain, you can continue to apply ice and apply pressure to bandage and raise the affected limb. If it is a serious sprain, it should be sent to hospital for treatment.




Once the ankle has a wound, first use an elastic bandage (available in general pharmacies) to fix the ankle joint, apply ice on the wound, and then fix the ice bag and ankle with a bandage. After three to five minutes, remove the bandage. If the swelling of the injured area is not obvious at this time, the muscle spasm is also light, and you can choose to go to the medical department near the spot to check.

In general, an ankle injury can be placed in a plastic bag with crushed ice or ice water and applied to the injured area for twenty minutes every four hours. When inactive, raise the injured ankle, at least higher than the waist. Wrap the injured area with an elastic bandage, not too loose or too tight. Too loose and easy to fall off, too tight toe will be swollen, hindering blood circulation.

Once the ankle is injured, look for a stick to make a cane so that the injured foot can not reach the ground at all, or support the weight slightly in the painless range. But you can’t land your toes first, because it is easy to have a varus sprain when the foot is facing down. You must let the ankle (ie the heel) touch the ground like a normal walk, and then the whole foot touches the ground.

3.Post-injury check

Dip the affected area at 38 to 40 degrees Celsius, and after 4 to 6 minutes of activity in the painless range, immediately dip in the cold water of 10 to 16 degrees Celsius for one to two minutes. Go back to the hot water activity. So hot and cold alternately do five times. Note: The last time you must immerse in hot water. After the completion, raise the affected part for five minutes and then attach an elastic bandage. One to six above is a complete (cold and hot alternating spa), which can be completely swollen after about one to two weeks after two or three times a day.

If the injury is not serious, try to do the ankle activities in all directions, such as the above activities or left and right activities. The ankle sheath protects the ankle when walking. When you are not hurting, you can speed up the walking slightly, but you still need the ankle to land first.

If the sprain site is conditional, it should be iced immediately, and sent to the hospital as appropriate. If you don’t have ice, you may have edema on the same day or the next day. It is recommended to raise your injured leg to rest. Try not to let the injured foot touch the ground before there is significant swelling. If possible, keep the injured foot raised (generally higher than the heart). At the same time, assist with physical therapy, hot feet with hot water, help to disperse silt. During the recovery period, it is best to wear appropriate ankle brace orthopedic gear at the doctor’s advice.

ankle brace orthpedic when ankle injury



Post time: Aug-01-2019

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